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General Information

      Welcome to the Technology Department webpage. You can find information about happenings within the Tech Department as well as resources and documents for teachers, students and staff.

Learning Tech Grant

     The purpose of this grant is to improve student achievement in Math and English Language Arts through the use of technology in the classroom in grades 9-12 at Newburgh Free Academy. The intended result is for the incorporation of iPads and web-based resources into lesson plans. The project is currently being implemented currently with math teachers at the NFA North Campus

Recycling Program

     When technology in the district is deemed obsolete the equipment is gathered and given to a recycling company. This reclycling company disposes of the equipment in the appropriate way to avoid toxic chemical from entering our landfills and bodies of water.

Building Tech Issue Reporting

     The current procedure for reporting technical issues within a building are as follows: Teachers should report any issues to the building ITF as listed below. The building contact will then diagnose the problem, and submit a work order , if necessary to the technology department and staff member will come out and look at the issue.

BalmvilleWilliam Antonelli38557
HorizonsWilliam Antonelli33740
FostertownNick Karnavezos86433
GardnertownNick Karnavezos86414
GAMSHelen Zoutis38476
Meadow HillJohn Blakley86643
New WindsorAndrea Merrill33713
Temple HillElizabeth Cappello86486
Vails GateHelen Zoutis37913
HeritageShawn Merritt-Scott33791
South MiddleConchetta Carbone37037
NFA MainMelanie Larkin35566
NFA NorthJackie Holmes32791
NFA WestAndrea Merrill33713

Office 365

     Office 365 is the same Office you already know and use every day. And then some. Because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere—PC, Mac, and tablets—and they're always up to date. Same goes for updates to features—you get them automatically. Click on the image above for a full overview of Office 365

Yammer (Part of the Office 365 Package)
Yammer is an enterprise social networking service from Microsoft. It is the "Facebook for business".

Bing in the Classroom (Part of the Office 365 Package)
Bing in the Classroom bring Microsoft's search platform into the classroom with ad-free searching. "As soon as I started using Bing in the Classroom, I noticed my kids being more attentive and focused in class. We all know advertisements can be distracting, and with BiC I don't have to worry about inappropriate content getting in the way of the lesson plan or students’ research." – Lynda Shipley, Bremerton School District


Cheryl Rabinowitz
Exec. Dir. for Information & Technology

Yvonne Branley, Help Desk Coordinator
Sue Ruggiero, Technology Secretary
124 Grand Street
Newburgh, NY 12550

Phone: (845) 674-3559


Banning, Noah - 86543
Asst. Micro Tech (West, North, South, Balm)

Bilyou, Marc - 86572
Systems Engineer/Telephones (District)

Branley, Yvonne - 86540
Help Desk Coordinator (District)

Bronstein, Leya - 86504
Programmer/Analyst (District)

Catania, Joseph - 86522
Instructional Tech. Specialist (District)

Cummings, Ken - 86521
Micro Tech (Fost, Gard, MH, GAMS, NW)

Dooley, Melinda - 86570
Senior Programmer/Operator (District)

Durante, Thomas - 86597
Micro Tech

Niblo, Jim - 86537
Micro Tech (District)

Quick, Matt
Network Director (District)

Stacchini, Barbara - 86515
Student Records Database Coordinator (District)

Schindler, Edward - 33409
Web Content Specialist (District)

Stevens, Wyatt - 86541
Micro Tech (BOE/HMS/TH/VG/HOH)

Vasile, Sal - 86574
Chief Information Officer (District)