July 7, 2017 Update
PowerPoint Presentation from July 6 BOE Meeting
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June 21, 2017 Update
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Frequently Asked Questions About Capital Bond Projects

Below you will find some of the most popular questions when it comes to Capital Bond projects in school districts.

A Bond is a long term loan that allows school districts to fund capital projects. This would include the acquisition of property, renovations and additions to existing structures, construction of new facilities and the purchase of equipment. Bond approval is done by a referendum (public vote) that includes the scope of the project, maximum dollar amount that can be spent and all funding sources including the maximum amount that can be bonded. A bond is similar to a home mortgage. It is a contract to repay borrowed money with interest over time. Bonds are sold by a school district to competing lenders to raise funds to pay for the costs of construction, renovations and equipment.
Bond funds can be used to pay for new buildings, additions and renovations to existing facilities, land acquisition, technology infrastructure and equipment for new or existing buildings. Bonds cannot be used for salaries or operating costs such as utility bills, supplies, building maintenance, fuel and insurance.
School districts are required by state law to ask voters for permission to sell bonds to investors in order to raise the capital dollars required for projects such as renovation to existing buildings or building a new school. Essentially, the voters are giving permission for the District to take out a loan and pay that loan back over an extended period of time, much like a family takes out a mortgage loan for their home. A school board calls a bond referendum so voters can decide whether or not they want to pay for proposed facility projects.
The district is currently in the preliminary planning phases and an exact dollar amount is not official yet. Check back for updates.


All projects listed below an only preliminary ideas. The district is still seeking public feedback. Items below are based on the June 2017 BOE Meeting. Updates to the preliminary projects made at the July 6, 2017 meeting should be included below soon

Balmville Elementary School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Balmville Elementary School

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Fostertown School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Fostertown Elementary School

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Gardnertown School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Gardnertown Elementary School

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GAMS Tech School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at GAMS Tech Elementary School

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Horizons on the Hudson School

A new school would be built for Horizons on the Hudson students.

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Meadow Hill GEM School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Meadow Hill Elementary School

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New Windsor School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at New Windsor School

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Temple Hill Academy

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Temple Hill Academy

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Vails Gate School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Vails Gate Elementary School

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Heritage Middle School

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Heritage Middle School

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NFA North Campus

Learn more about the projects/improvements at North Campus

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Newburgh Free Academy

Learn more about the projects/improvements at Newburgh Free Academy

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South Middle School

South Middle School's building would potentially be sold and South Middle School students would go to the North Middle School.

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District Wide Projects

Learn more about the projects/improvements including a new Pre-K center and Central Office being relocated to the current Horizons on the Hudson building.

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There are many ways for you to get involved in the process. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to let us know through any of the channels below.

- Community Bond Forums (come out and ask questions). August 2nd, August 9th, or August 16th at 5PM in the BOE Auditorium (124 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY).
- Comment on our Capital Bond Facebook Page
- Tweet at our Capital Bond Twitter Account
- Come to our July 6th, 2017 Board of Education Meeting at 5PM
- or simply email us at