Student ID Number
(IDs are 6 digit numbers beginning with the number 2. For example, 212345)

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More summer program routes will be added throughout the summer.
Student Date of Birth

If you have concerns please review the FAQ on the Transportation Webpage afterwards further concerns can be communicated using the Transportation Concern Google Form.

Transportation information will continue to be updated daily throughout the first few weeks of school as new students register etc. Please continue to check back even if your scholar has a stop listed. Changes to the system may impact all routes, times, and stops.

Student ID numbers can be found on student report cards, in Parent and Student Portal accounts, in the placement email for new students, and is the number students type in for meals.

There is a nationwide shortage of bus drivers which will have an impact on our school transportation scheduling. The district is doing our best to manage all transportation with reduced busing staff. School buses may experience significant delays. Call volume at the transportation offices will be high and it will take extra time to respond to voicemail.

If you choose to drive or walk your child to school, please complete the School Bus Transportation Opt-out form, so we are aware that you do not require school bus Transportation and can adjust accordingly. If your child does not take the bus from your bus stop for 6 days in a row, your bus stop may be eliminated from the route.

Please be outside at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus arrival time. Bus stop times may change, so please check the website daily for updates.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time. Be assured, the transportation department is working to provide the best service possible while keeping the safety of our scholars the priority.

If you would like to be a part of our transportation team, the bus companies are looking for drivers and offer free training.

Questions or Concerns
If you have questions or concerns, please visit the Transportation website and read through the Transportation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). If your question is not answered, please click this link to complete this form to help streamline efficiency in responding to your questions and concerns. The form only needs to be completed ONCE per concern. You will receive an email receipt of your responses.

Bus Stop Change Request Form
The Bus Stop Change Request Form should ONLY be completed if you are requesting a slight change in bus stop location for the reason of safety purposes.

This form should NOT be completed if you would like to change your stop to a different address. An alternate bus stop form (summer) and alternate bus stop form for 2023-24 school year can be found on the district website, under the Transportation Department for those requests.

Requests will be reviewed for safety purposes in the order that they are received. Any changes will be indicated on the website NewburghSchools.org/busstops, which is updated on an ongoing basis.

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