Strategic planning is something most districts do on a regular basis. It is an amazing opportunity for a district to reflect and look forward. This website will showcase our preliminary planning work. An additional website will be created once the final plan is created. This website will showcase the work done in development of the final plan. During the preliminary strategic planning sessions, the main questions we ask ourselves during this process are:

How are things going in our district right now?

Where do we want to be as a district in three to five years?

How can we best focus our efforts and work together to get there?

How can we continue to grow as a responsive organization?


Dear Goldbacks,

The Year of 2020 has been a test of endurance. At the time of this new strategic plan, our country is battling a global health crisis, an economic crisis, and a systematic racism crisis. All across the country, schools have had to reimagine what teaching and learning entails in a remote environment. The ability to unlearn and relearn will be the new test on how schools respond to the pandemics. The needs of our scholars during the ‘2020 academic pause’ will have ramifications over the duration of this strategic plan. However, in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, we see these unprecedented challenges as opportunities.

Over the last five years, our district performance hit multiple milestones. This plan was developed collaboratively with district and community stakeholders representing all corners of our school system. We remain committed and united to our vision and mission. IMAGINE2025 is a forward-focus approach to educating Newburgh scholars over the next five years.

IMAGINE2025 will focus on four priorities:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Wellness
  3. Transformative Leadership
  4. Efficient Operations

Each of these priorities are coupled with a set of strategic initiatives and outcomes that will guide our decision making. IMAGINE2025 is a plan for everyone, designed to bring together the most important efforts that will continue to drive our success.

Now more than ever, we must double-down on ensuring our district is culturally responsive. We have to make sure our district educates all children and continues to lead with an equity lens. Our promise will be to ensure that a child’s zip code, skin color, language, or disability do not become predictors of success.

We ask that you continue to ShoulderUp with us and IMAGINE a school district that excels and achieves new heights.

Through the Work of All,
Carole Mineo, Board President
Ed Forgit, Interim Superintendent


During the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan there are some big milestones that are planned along the way. Below is a sample of those milestones and what our progress is for each of these items. Our major outcomes of the strategic plans can be found on the Outcomes page.

Student on Chromebook
1:1 Devices
Card image cap
NFA Main Pool Reopening
Card image cap
New Cafeteria at HMS
Student on Chromebook
Students with 21st Century Skills
Card image cap
Erasing the Impact of the Pandemic
Card image cap
District-wide K-5 Reading Program
Student on Chromebook
District Workforce that Represents Scholar Population
Card image cap
Reopen Portion of New Windsor School
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Career and Technical Education Center