Central Hudson Coverage of EPC Program
Energy Conservation Improvements

Approved by the New York State Education Department in March 2019, the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) project is more than half-way complete and provides the following benefits for the community as well as redirected funds for education as a direct result of these savings.

By the end of the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), energy/money savings each year will equal:

CO2 that would be absorbed by 250,900 trees

CO2 emission from 19,410 barrels of oil.

CO2 emission from 1,803 passenger cars.

CO2 emission fom 1,067 average powered homes.

in annual guaranteed energy savings
in cumulative positive cash flow
in self-funding construction
reduction in greenhouse gases
reduction in energy costs
taxpayer impact

Energy Management System
Modernization of temperature controls throughout the district to improve the learning environment. All buildings.

LED Lighting
22,000 Retrofitted/Converted fixtures (Interior & Exterior). All buildings.

Renewable Energy
1.05 Mw of rooftop rack mounted solar power. Across 9 buildings.

Automatic Computer Shutoff
Installation of plug load controllers and PC power management energy software. All buildings.

Heating System Upgrade
Heating system upgrades including new boilers, insulation, economizers, pump motors, and variable speed drives. All buildings.

Insulation Replacement & Installation
Installation of building envelope and attic insulation. All buildings.

Window Film
Installation of Vista Low Emissivity Series VE 50 CDF window film on inside surface of perimeter windows. All buildings.

Water Conservation
Installation of pedal valves and faucet aerators. All buildings.

The U.S. Department of Energy defines energy performance contracting as “a budget-neutral approach to make building improvements that reduce energy and water use and increase operational efficiency.” By partnering with an energy services company, a building owner pays for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings – and without tapping into capital budgets.

The Newburgh EPC project team consists of Johnson Controls, the energy services company selected through a competitive Request for Proposals to build the project and guarantee the energy savings and Mr. Roger Ramjug, Director of Management Efficiency/ Capital Projects Administrator for the district. Overseeing the project in collaboration with Mr. Ramjug is The ECG Group, a company that specializes in the technical review and overall management of EPC projects throughout New York State.

Any additional information such as FAQs, important updates, and other general information will be posted here when it becomes available. For any additional questions you can reach out to Roger Ramjug at rramjug@necsd.net

Check back here for latest updates.


Students from Ms. Laird's AP Environmental Science took a tour of the some of the energy conservation projects.

"It was a reassuring experience traveling to the roof because I did not think the school had invested in this idea to the extent that they had. There were more solar panels than I thought there would be." - Alexandra Tapia
"A lot of the things discussed were interesting. Getting to understand how solar panels work and how efficient they really are was interesting. I think seeing the solar panels on the roof was pretty cool. It's a smart decision when the electric bill is so high." - Julaina Salazar
"When Mr. Chaitkin was explaining that across 140 [square] miles in Arizona or less than 1% of Arizona's land ...[would be enough area of photovoltaic cells] to generate all the electricity for the US. Also, it shocked me that the school bill every month for electricity was $21,000." - Lizzie Lopez