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New Insurance Information for 2018

Dear Employees, beginning January 1st, 2018, Marshall and Sterling will be our Broker of Record for health benefits. If you have questions or issues with you MVP PPO, MVP HRA, MVP HMO, CDPHP HMO, or GHI/HIP HMO, Marshall and Sterling has a customer service team that is ready to help.

Their team is available to help you and can assist with questions on benefits, claims, deductibles, etc. Please see this list for contact information .


Cold and Flu Prevention

With the flu season upon us, we offer the following natural strategies to help you avoid illness.  These are not meant to replace, but to complement, the flu shot for those of you who get it. Read Full EAP Newsletter         


Retirement Planning Consultations

If you are considering retirement in the near future or just want to plan ahead and have some of your retirement questions answered, NYSTRS offers personal benefit consultations and group seminars focused on retirement planning.  Please visit NYSTRS.org to review the 2017-2018 Benefits Consultation and Fall 2017 Pension & Retirement Education Program (PREP)  schedules.  Reservations are required and you should bring your latest Benefit Profile with you to the seminar. The schedule is accessible through the Retirement Planning page.  Make reservations at NYSTRS.org using your MyNYSTRS account or you can call -800-348-7298 ext. 6180 M-F 8:30am to 4:15pm.

Open Enrollment Is Now Active EVERYONE must participate *IMPORTANT*

Open enrollment for the District’s Medical Plans will run from Sunday 10/1/17- Thursday 11/30/17. Everyone who is eligible for medical benefits, including anyone who participates in the Health Insurance Buy-Out must participate in the Open enrollment process.  You will have the option to enroll in Medical Plans through NYSHIP, MVP, CDPHP or Emblem (HIP) or if you have elected to buy-out, you will select the option to waive coverage. The District will once again be using an on line enrollment procedure utilizing the benefits portal through InRoll+ and U.S. Employee Benefits.  In order to complete the open enrollment requirements, you will need to go to their link https://www.inrollplus.com. If you need assistance navigating INROLL, please download the INROLL guide  We will also be offering sessions at the Newburgh Free Library’s E-Learning Center for those without computer access or for those who need assistance on the following dates:  Monday, 10/16 and Tuesday 10/17, Monday 10/23, Monday, 10/30, Monday 11/6, Monday 11/13, Monday 11/20 and Tuesday 11/21.  Registration is required. Please go to https://www.newburghschools.org/inroll  to pre-register for a session.  There will be three sessions held on each day from 4:30-7:30 pm.  Each session will last approximately one hour and each session is limited to 15 participants.

If you used InRoll+ last year, your username and password are the same. If you have forgotten either your username and/or your password, there are links you can click to help you recover them.

If you were hired before 9/1/16 and have never logged in to InRoll+ before, you will need to use 9/1/1980 as your default birth date when logging in for the first time. Once you are logged into the system, you will be asked to create a User Name and Password.  When you arrive at the Welcome Screen, you should then go into Manage Profile to update your date of birth.  You can then make your ANNUAL elections for your Medical Plan. The plan year runs from 1/1/18-12/31/18. 

The InRoll+ portal will be open for Medical enrollment during the open enrollment period 10/1/17-11/30/17 and it will then be closed.  The portal will then remain open for any Changes of Family Status requests that may occur throughout the year such as a marriage, births, address updates, etc. and for new hires to enroll in an insurance plan.

If you have any questions regarding Open Enrollment, please contact Keisha Martinez at (845) 563-3467.  If you have any questions regarding InRoll+, please contact Kristen Coolbaugh, U.S. Employee Benefits 1-855-562-7821 x102 or Katy Murray, U.S. Employee Benefits 1-855-562-7821 x111.


FLEX Plan Open Enrollment Begins September 1, 2017

Open enrollment for the District’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through Wage Works will run from Friday 9/1/17- Monday 9/18/17. You will have the option to enroll in Flex for Unreimbursed Medical Expenses, Dependent Care or both. This year, the District will once again be using an on line enrollment procedure which will eliminate the paper enrollment form or Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA).  The District will be utilizing the benefits portal through InRoll+ and U.S. Employee Benefits.  In order to enroll in the Flex Plan this year, you will need to go to their link https://www.inrollplus.com.   New for 2017: The maximum annual contribution amount for Unreimbursed Medical Expenses is now $2600.00. Spouses are allowed to contribute up to $2600.00 each annually. The contribution for Dependent Care Expenses will remain the same at $5000.00 annually.

Letter with Information about Flex Enrollment
Flex Plan Enrollment Instructions

Lifestyle Tips - June 2017 Issue
The June 2017 Issue of Lifestyle Tips is now available to download.

Health Insurance Buyout - Updated May 8, 2017
The 2017-2018 Health Insurance Buy-Out Forms are now available in the main office of each school building and also can be downloaded from the Health Benefits page of the District's website. Please be sure to complete both the Buy-Out Form and the Declination of Health Insurance Form and attach a copy of your current health insurance ID card. Any one interested in participating in the Buy-Out must submit new forms for the upcoming school year. All forms are due by Friday, June 16th, 2017 and should be returned to the Health Benefits Department.

Latest EAP News Newsletter - War of the Worlds - Updated March 8, 2017
Use the following link to download the latest edition of the EAP Promo Newsletter.
Download EAP Promo Newsletter

Important Information from the New York State Teachers' Retirement System - Jan 6, 2017
Important Information from the New York State Teachers' Retirement System: The Winter-Spring 2017 Schedule of PREP Seminars (towards bottom of page) has been issued by NYSTRS. PREP seminars are free and sessions are held throughout the year in New York State. Instructions for making reservations are included in the schedule.

Lifestyle Tips Newest Issue Available - Updated December 12, 2016
The November issue of Lifestyle Tips magazine is available now. 

Important Staff Information INROLL - Updated October 18th, 2016
All FT Benefit eligible employees must complete the open enrollment process through INROLL by November 30th, 2016. There are INROLL webinars scheduled the week of 10/17/16-10/21/16 from 4-8pm and the week of 11/1/16-11/4/16 and also on 11/30/16 from 4-8pm. The sessions run by the hour. If you need assistance with the open enrollment process or if you have already attempted the open enrollment process and want to confirm you have completed the process correctly, please log in to the INROLL webinar using the following information: https://video.togethertalk.com/#m=95368731. Webinar participants can call in at the following number 1-877-366-0711 Access Code 23400691.

We are also offering INROLL training sessions:

If you would like to sign up for a hands on INROLL training session, please visit www.newburghschools.org/inroll to sign up for a 1 hour session or call ext 33467 to enroll if you do not have internet access. These sessions are being offered at the Newburgh Free Library E- learning center on 10/24/16 and 10/25/16, 11/7/16 and 11/8/16, 11/14/16 and 11/15/16 and 11/28 and 11/29/16 from 4-8pm. Each session is limited to 15 people. Computers will be available so you can receive assistance with completing the open enrollment process.  

2016-2017 MVP PPO Benefits Guide - Updated October 18th, 2016
A downloadable version of the 2016-2017 MVP PPO Benefits Guide is available for download below.
MVP PPO 16-17 Benefits Guide

INROLL Open Enrollment Information - Updated October 6th, 2016
Important requirements for all FT benefit eligible employees 2016-2017 INROLL Open Enrollment information and instructions.
INROLL Employee Guide

Aflac Building Schedule - Updated September 2nd, 2016
Here is a copy of the 2016-2017 schedule of building visits for Aflac. Representatives will be visiting each building during the month of September.

Flex Plan Open Enrollment: - Updated September 2nd, 2016
The 2016-2017 Open Enrollment period for the Flex Plan will run from Thursday, 9/1/16- Friday, 9/23/16. This year, we are eliminating the paper enrollment forms and will implement an online enrollment through our new benefit portal, INROLL. The portal will be open for Flex Plan enrollment during the open enrollment period and will then close on the 9/23/16 deadline date. It will reopen during our open enrollment period for your other benefit needs. If you are interested in enrolling in the Flex plan, please be sure to enroll online at https://www.inrollplus.com. Also here is the full FLEX plan information and the INROLL Employee Guide.

Important Information MVP PPO Enrollees: - Updated: July 8, 2016
MVP is in the process of sending all MVP PPO plan enrollees new MVP Insurance ID cards. The new cards have an effective date for the new plan year of August 1, 2016. You can discard your old MVP ID card and begin using the new MVP ID cards on August 1st, 2016. You should continue to use the old MVP Health Insurance ID cards until August 1st, 2016. Please be advised that you will not receive new HRA debit cards. You should continue to use your current HRA Debit Card. Plan deductibles will renew on August 1st, 2016.

2016-2017 Health Insurance Buy-out - Updated: May 20, 2016
Below please find a link to the health insurance buy-out form. Please note that the Health Insurance Buy-Out forms must be completed by anyone wishing to participate in the Health Insurance Buy-out for the 2016-2017 school year. In order to verify current health insurance coverage, a copy of your current health insurance card must also be submitted with the completed forms. All forms must be returned to the Health Benefits Department by Friday, June 17th, 2016. Download Buy-out form.

Important Insurance information for MVP PPO members - Updated: February 26, 2016
Letters have gone out regarding our insurance broker change which will become effective on March 1st, 2016. If you are enrolled in the MVP PPO plan and did not receive a letter, please be sure to download a copy.

This Health Insurance Enrollment/Declination form must be completed by all FT employees who are either enrolled in a District health insurance plan, participate in the Health Insurance Buy-out or have elected to opt out of both the District insurance and the Health Insurance Buy-out. Forms are due by Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 and should be returned to K.Martinez in Health Benefits.

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