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NFA Evening Campus Registration Open | Begins September 21st

NFA Evening School is still accepting students! Deadlines, course offerings, and application information can be found below.

Enrollment Deadline - End of Day Monday, September 19, 2022; Courses begin Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Evening High School (EHS)


The Evening program is focused on providing students with the opportunity to learn, complete coursework, and recover credits required for high school graduation that is mindful of individual differences and learning styles.  Classes are offered each semester while grades are completed by quarter.  Attending the Evening program will lead to a high school diploma that is readily accepted by the military, colleges, and employers.  It is our mission to successfully prepare our students to transition to post secondary education and/or the workforce.  As a nontraditional setting, we empower students to be self confident life long learners who serve as active citizens enjoying a reciprocal relationship with their community.

Evening High School courses are offered at NFA Main on the first floor.  The office is located in Room 100.  


FINAL 2022-2023 EHS Schedule


Who May Attend:

Belief Statements:


Contact Information: 

Sandra E. Wood, NFA Evening School House Principal

NFA Evening Campus, 201 Fullerton Ave, #100, Newburgh, NY 12550

(845) 563-5522


How do I know what I need in order to graduate?

The number of credits and courses required for graduation depends upon the graduation requirements in place at the time you entered the ninth grade. At the time of registration, all high school counselors from NFA Main, Evening, North, and West review student records to determine the appropriate course of study for each student. Students enrolled in a day high school program are subject to the current requirements for graduation.


What are the policies on attendance and student conduct?

A student who misses three or more class meetings is considered excessively absent and may not meet requirements for earning credit. The evening high school lead administrator and teacher(s) review cases of absenteeism to create intervention plans that include parent and student input.  The team composed of the teacher, counselor, parent, and administrator, will decide whether or not credit can be awarded at the end of each quarter.

Regular day school conduct and dress requirements are in effect. Serious and/or repeated violations of school rules and regulations may be sufficient reason for disciplinary action. Smoking or possession of tobacco products is not permitted on school property or at school-sponsored events.


How do I enroll?


If you are at least 14 years old and under the age of 21 and did not complete high school, you may enroll in Evening High School if you have passed the eighth grade. Counselors will review your records and determine which courses you will need to complete graduation requirements.


Is there a graduation ceremony?

Yes! All evening high school students are invited to participate in the NFA graduation ceremony that is held each June. This is a popular and moving ceremony as students of all ages, wearing caps and gowns, receive their high school diplomas in front of families and friends. Join us and experience this for yourself!


How much does a course cost and is a snack/meal provided to scholars?

Evening High School is free.  A snack is provided to students if entering the school at 2:35pm.  Dinner is also provided for those who are here at 5:30pm. 

Add/Drop Directions:

  1. Any student that does not have a schedule and has been made active in the evening campus calendar will be dropped from the calendar. 
  2. Any student that was a no show for credit recovery CR courses needs to be dropped. They will not have enough credit hours to recover the course credit and need to register for Semester 2. The Evening Counselor will contact the Day Counselor before a student is dropped.  If there is a conflict within point of view, the EHS House Principal, Assistant Principals, and Co-Principals of NFA Main will determine whether or not the student will be dropped.  Re-enrollment in the second semester is an option as well as re-enrolling the student in the class in the day program.
  3. Any student who has dropped a full-year course from the day program and agreed to take this course in the evening program and is a no show must stay enrolled in the course. Their grade will reflect a 55 until work is submitted and the students start attending class in the evening program. Counselors would be communicating around these situations and documenting parent communications in PLP. 
  4. Students can enroll in courses as tiered support and audit the course to assist with their day program courses.
  5. If students are unenrolling in the day program and enrolling into the evening program quarter one grades will be transferred and the evening campus teacher will begin with quarter 2 grades.
  6. When enrolling scholars in EHS courses, all counselors are expected to call home to discuss options, receive verbal permission, and then confirm with the home via email and a complete schedule.  Scholar schedules may include both day and evening courses or just evening courses in which they would be full time EHS scholars.  Because EHS does not offer as many courses as the day program, the majority of scholars will be dually enrolled.


Communication and Interventions:

Parent meetings and interventions will be set up with the Evening School Counselor and House Principal for students not attending evening school. CPS may be called and home visits may take place. All day/evening counselors will connect with one another to communicate with the day attendance aides to see how we can assist the evening counselor and house principal in this process. 

The Evening Campus secretary will make phone calls home every day to those students not in attendance.  We also recommend all teachers of students who do not come to class call home to communicate absences.

Quarterly Credit Recovery (QCR):

This handbook outlines the procedures of Quarterly Credit Recovery (QCR) and the information contained within is vital to help students succeed.  Newburgh Free Academy asks that all educators and NECSD stakeholders read through this handbook and become familiar with its contents.  The handbook will be reviewed and updated annually.

The Quarterly Recovery Program is an opportunity for individual students to improve academic achievement, increase a single quarterly course grade and to earn quarterly course credit. Students will learn material with a certified teacher in the content area and additional educational resources are used based on teacher preference. 

2022-2023 Quarterly Credit Recovery Manual


Overview of High School Equivalency Option (HSE):

Anyone of the age of 17-21 and not presently enrolled for at least a year in a public  high school may take courses that will be beneficial in passing the High School Equivalency test called the GED. The GED was originally an acronym for the Tests of General Educational Development, but since 2011 we just use the term GED. The GED test is a series of four subject tests a person can take to demonstrate their high school academic knowledge..  EHS will provide literacy and English as a Second Language courses to enhance the opportunity to pass the GED exam and therefore receive a High School Equivalency diploma.


HSE Program for 2021-2022:  

Please reach out to EHS (Evening High School) via email at swood@necsd.netrocollazo@necsd.net and/or  srosario@necsd.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Who May Attend:

ATTENTION: Are your scholars or colleagues doing something great? Please contact the district Communications Team at communications@necsd.net. We’d love to visit your class or event and/or post your pictures and recap to highlight the amazing accomplishments throughout our district!

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