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District Budget Information

 2020-2021 District Budget Information  

2020-2021 Unofficial BOE Election and Budget Vote Results

Prop. 1: School Budget 

Yes: 4132

No: 1698

Prop. 2: Library Budget 

Yes: 4081

No: 1501

Election: Four BOE Members

Shoy Colbourne: 1516
Zachary Costa: 1660
Dawn Fucheck: 2771
Mark Levinstein: 3858
Carole Mineo: 4180
Darren Stridiron: 3056
William Walker:  3103




Latest 2020-21 Budget Information.

The superintendent recently showed his initial 20-21 budget at a BOE Workshop Meeting. You can view the powerpoint below. 

 NECSD Budget

View Powerpoint   

Budget Booklet

These budget documents are required to be made available to the public each year. Usually they are available in a binder in school buildings, however this year they will only be available online.


Input and Public Hearing on the Budget

The public hearing on the budget will be held on June 1, 2020. That is an opportunity for the public to see the final budget as presented by the Superintendent. 

As a reminder, you can always share your questions, comments, or feedback with the Board of Education and the Central Staff by emailing Budget@necsd.net or 

Budget Vote and BOE Election Voting Info.

NYS has extended the date by which ballots must be received via mail. Due to this, ballots that are mailed and received by Tuesday, June 16th at 5pm will be counted. This executive order does NOT change the date by which ballots can be deposited in the Newburgh Free Library book bin (124 Grand St., Newburgh). If you wish to deposit your ballot in the book bin, you must do so by Tuesday, June 9th at 5pm. After Tuesday, June 9th at 5pm, any ballots deposited in the book bin will not be counted. 
- Mail-in ballots received by Tuesday, June 16th at 5pm will be counted
- Ballots deposited in the Newburgh Free Library book bin (124 Grand St., Newburgh) will be counted
- All ballots will be counted on Tuesday, June 16th beginning at 5pm. 


View Sample Ballot

View Voting Instructions
en espanol 


BOE Candidates

There are 4 open spots on the Board of Education. Visit the link below for more information on candidates running for election.

BOE Candidates

How do I register to vote?

The Budget Vote and School Board Election will be held remotely, by Absentee Ballot only. Qualified voters of this School District will receive absentee ballots by mail. To be a qualified voter you must be a US Citizen, at least 18 years old by June 9, 2020, a School District resident for 30 days immediately preceding the vote, and registered to vote in School District elections and having voted in any School District election/vote during the past 4 calendar years. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be no personal voter registration held at school district offices prior to the June 9, 2020 vote. If you are not registered, you can register with the County Board of Elections by mail or remotely through the  website: https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-applicationt







2019-2020 District Budget Information
Budget Vote/ Election:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2019-2020 Official BOE Election and Budget Vote Results

Prop. 1: School Budget 

Yes: 1676

No: 851

Prop. 2: Library Budget 

Yes: 1859

No: 677

Prop. 3: Transportation Limit

Yes: 1817

No: 725

Prop. 4:  Repair/Renovations CTE-Bond

Yes: 1513

No: 1005

Prop. 5: Air Quality/Conditioning-Bond

Yes: 1554 (61.89%)

No: 957

Election: Three BOE Members

R. Andrew Johnston: 957
Shoy Colbourne: 498
Susan Prokosch: 1263
Shane Henderson: 1167
Carol L. Maida: 1400
Mark Levinstein: 1101


2019-2020 Latest News

Sample Ballots Now Available: English | Spanish - May 8, 2019

Candidate Bios Now Available - May 7, 2019

Online voter registration information and polling locations link added- March 19, 2019

Application for Absentee Ballot, Petition Form Notice, Calendar Notice and Polling Locations information available - March 12, 2019



2018-2019 District Budget Information
Budget Vote/ Election:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018-2019 Latest News

Budget/Election Results - May 2018

BOE Candidate Bios available - April 26, 2018

Application for Absentee Ballot, Petition Form Notice, Calendar Notice and Polling Locations information available - March 5, 2018


2017-2018 District Budget Information

2017-2018 Latest News

Unofficial Election/Budget Vote Results - May 16, 2017

School District Budget
Yes: 1410      No: 442

Newburgh Library Budget
Yes: 1456      No: 406

BOE Candidates
Mark Levinstein: 767
Carole Mineo: 1264

Darren Stridiron: 1061
William Walker: 1188

Sylvia Santiago: 760

Candidate Bios - May 4, 2017

The bios for the upcoming election of Board of Education members are now available to review.
Click Here to Review Bios

Upcoming Community Budget Forms - April 24, 2017

The Community Budget Forums are scheduled for the following dates:
Tuesday, May 9, Board of Education Complex 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 10, Heritage Middle School, 6:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 11, Gardnertown School, 6:00 p.m.

Superintendent's Proposed Budget - April 5, 2017
Download the Superintendent's Final Proposed Budget
Powerpoint Presentation from 4/5/17 Meeting

FTE Breakdown


2016-2017 District Budget Information

2016-2017 Budget Results

(4 available positions)
1. NECSD Budget 1458 601 Domenic Tebano 1200
2. NFL Budget 1499 543 Anthony Hood 484
3. Capital Reserve Fund 1387 583 Susan Prokosch 1536
4. Transportation Limit 1392 582 Darren Stridiron 1054
Mark Levinstein 852
R. Andrew Johnston 1112
Sylvia M. Santiago 731
Lissandra Deliz 329

2016-2017 Budget Documents

Citizen's Guide to Understanding the Budget
Sample Ballot
Budget Newsletter
Polling Locations
Petition Forms Notice
Public Hearing Notice
Application for Absentee Ballot
Draft Budget (4/4/2016)
Draft at a Glance (4/4/2016)
Supt. Considerations Summary (4/4/2016)
Older Draft Budget (2/4/2016)

Budget Binder
Budget Binder Introduction
Budget Newsletter: Eng | Esp
Property Tax Report Card
Budget Detail
3 Part Budget
Revenue Budget
Glossary of Terms 1
Glossary of Terms 2
District Report Card
Fiscal Accountability Supplement
Balmville Report Card
Fostertown Report Card
GAMS Tech Report Card
Gardnertown Report Card
Heritage Report Card
Horizons Report Card
Meadow Hill Report Card
New Windsor Report Card
Newburgh Free Academy Report Card
South Report Card
Temple Hill Report Card
Vails Gate Report Card
Tax Impact Report
NFL Budget
NFL Revenue
Administrative Compensation

General Documents
Mandate Relief
Fiscal Stress Monitoring System
Mandates and Mandate Relief
Revenue Challenges Facing School Districts
Tax Levy “Cap” Law: Raises the Stakes
Understanding the STAR Program
Navigating Through Year 2 of NYS Levy Cap
The 3 Numbers Under NYS’s Tax Levy “Cap”
Glossary of School Budget Terms



Main Switchboard
Food Services
BOE Clerk
Human Resources
Tax Office
Newburgh Free Library


Meadow Hill
New Windsor
Temple Hill
Vails Gate
Heritage Middle
South Middle
NFA Main
NFA North
NFA West