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Newburgh Free Academy Hosts Department Awards

Newburgh Free Academy hosted their Department Awards on Thursday, May 17th. Departments gave our various awards recognizing excellence of our scholars in various areas. Departments included: Bilingual Education, English Language Arts, Fine & Performing Arts, Guidance, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. Congratulations to all of our talent scholars!




*  *  *  *  *

Musical Selections.............................................. by NFA String Quartet

                                                                      Directed by Monica Antonelli-Guido


NFA JROTC Color Guard


The National Anthem .................................……....by MADRIGAL SINGERS

                                                                                         Directed by Jillian Caci

Welcome…………………………………………………. Mr. Raul Rodriguez

                                                               Co-Principal, NFA Main Campus



Bilingual Education

English Language Arts

Fine & Performing Arts




Social Studies

World Languages


Closing remarks ………………………………………………. Mr. Matteo Doddo

                                                                        Co-Principal, NFA North Campus



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* * * * *

The awards are presented to English Language learners at various levels of the second language acquisition process who have been in this country for only a few years.  They have distinguished themselves by a combination of achievement, cooperation and enthusiasm in their studies. 


Emerging ENL                                                                  Jose Lopez Hernandez

Transitioning ENL                                                                       Carlos Olivero

Expanding ENL                                                                                Evelyn Reyes

Commanding ENL                                                                          Angie Gomez



* * * * *

The Patricia Myruski Memorial Award for proficiency in Advanced Placement Literature is presented to: Chaya James


T.J. Sayre Endowment prize for best essay on civic subject, an argumentative research paper entitled, “On Being Black in America,” is presented to: Jeremiah Palemon


The Teaching the Hudson Valley Writing About a Place Essay Contest –is presented to: Redwan Arosh

The winning essay was about Redwan’s favorite place in the Hudson Valley, Bear Mountain State Park.  The prize for winning the contest was a field trip in May to the Bear Mountain State Park for Redwan and his Honors 9 English classmates.


Excelsior Award for Democratic Writing - For writing to engage deeply with the ideas of others and claim a role in democratic discourse: Ameesah Cotten


Poetry Out Loud Award is presented to: Lelia Walcott


The ELA Academic Excellence Award at North Campus recognizes a student’s exceptional regard for learning, as evidenced by consistent hard work, self-regulation and high academic English average.  A deserving student in each of NFA North’s English sections is acknowledged for their efforts.  This award is presented to: Donovan Banks  ~ Chloe Boggs ~  Taerikko Monroe


Outstanding Work Ethic and Perseverance Award is presented to: Jose Guerra                        



*  *  *  *  *

Mid-Hudson Choral Award sponsored by Theresa Brown presented to a senior who has provided outstanding leadership and performance to the NFA Music Department. Supriya Makam  ~  Jackson Galati                                                                                  


Fine & Performing Arts Director Award  sponsored by Theresa Brown in memory of  Sheila N. Fiumarello, the Director of Fine & Performing Arts from 1996–2003 presented to a senior demonstrating exemplary achievement in the Fine & Performing Arts.  Jordan Lopez  ~  Armani Balaguer        


The Sickinger Service Award sponsored by the Fine and Performing Arts Department acknowledging the commitment and service necessary to achieve success and serve the school community.  This award is a tribute to Mr. Kenneth Sickinger who served our schools for over 45 years as a music educator and repair technician. Mr. Sickinger passed away after battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Greg Fischer                                                                                                                                                                                  

Music Service Award sponsored by Lyzz Galbraith, Secretary for the Fine & Performing Arts Department presented to a senior utilizing their talent to better their community. Joseph Ciaccio  ~ Deanna Telesford


Marie Nash Award sponsored by the NECSD music educators acknowledging the dedication and commitment necessary to participate in the arts. Kevin Lutz  ~  Marcos Perez  


Dr. Irving Rosenberg Award given by Dr. & Mrs. Rosenberg to a graduating senior majoring in music.  Christiana Mea


Theater Arts Award An award sponsored by the Director of Fine and Performing Arts presented to students who have made extraordinary contributions to our theater productions and who have exhibited outstanding personal and professional qualities. Angelique Kortright ~ Armani Balaguer


Dance Education Award – An award sponsored by the Director of Fine and performing Arts presented to students who have made extraordinary contributions to the Dance Department and school community through their involvement in the departmental performances and events. Caprice Kennedy  ~   Pearlasha Cook  ~  Elizabeth Riley



* * * * *

Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal and Scholarship and the Creativity & Innovation Award to high school juniors who represent the ideals of total quality in both scholastic achievement and school and community activities.  The winners of these awards are eligible to receive a $28,000 RIT Scholarship, $7,000 per year if they are accepted and enroll at RIT.                 

COMPUTING AWARD                                              CREATIVITY AWARD

Matthew Stridiron                                                             Anna Brozycki

Veronica Gonzalez-Sangervasio                                         Michael Cahill


The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal- awarded to a junior who has distinguished himself in mathematics and science.  The Rensselaer Medal carries with it a minimum $25,000 Merit Scholarship, per year guaranteed for four years for the medalist who is accepted and chooses to enroll at RPI. Milan Patel                                                                                            


Newburgh American Legion Girls’ State Scholarship Awards,based on academics and leadership as selected by the American Legion to a junior girl.  Award winners will attend a one-week governmental leadership conference at SUNY Brockport.                                                                  

Town of Newburgh                                                      Town of New Windsor      

Anita Sanchez Garcia                                                           Elizabeth Licameli


Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is sponsored by the Newburgh & New Windsor-Cornwall Rotary Clubs.  Winners are selected based upon academic performance in leadership potential. This student will attend a five-day leadership conference at Mt. St. Mary College at the end of June. Ameesah Cotten ~ Qualib Smith

Clarkson University sponsors two awards.  The Clarkson Leadership Award ($60,000 scholarship awarded $15,000 over 4 years) and The Clarkson Achievement Award ($48,000 scholarship awarded $12,000 over 4 years) are presented to juniors that display outstanding leadership qualities, are positive contributors to school and community and have a proven academic record in college preparatory courses.

LEADERSHIP                                                                 ACHIEVEMENT

Ada Johnston                                                                 Annie Yang


The Sage Colleges Scholarship is presented to a junior who demonstrates the characteristics of academic excellence, student leadership and community involvement.  Recipient of this award will receive a certificate of nomination and an invitation to The Sage Colleges Student Sage Scholars’ reception during their senior year.  Also, Student nominee is eligible for a scholarship to The Sage Colleges. Olivia Fava ~ Imani Barnhill


Marist College Greystone Technology Award, awarded to a deserving junior who has demonstrated interest and has shown success in computer technology and mathematics.  The plaque carries with it a $10,000 Merit Scholarship, renewable for 4 years. Mitchell Levy


Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology – sponsored by the University of Rochester.   This award is presented to a junior that has strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area, who leads other students to new approaches to old problems, for example, business plans for fundraising, innovative community service, after school activities and best uses of internal communications tools such as chat and blogs. Adam Amer                                                           


The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award is sponsored by the University of Rochester.  This award is presented to a junior who has pursued high achievement and rigor in an array of science classes, and has gained high sores on the PSAT/SAT. Martin Peticco


The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award is sponsored by the University of Rochester.  This award recognizes the achievement of a junior who shows strong leadership at school and in the community and outstanding achievement in rigorous coursework. Gema Vidals


The George Eastman Young Leaders Award is sponsored by the University of Rochester.  This award is presented to a junior who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues and has shown leadership in community action and extracurricular activities. Rachel Fassbender                                


NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award is presented to graduating seniors who, as outstanding students, have demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to public service.

Jon-Michael Cubano            Nechea Murphy-Innello         Deanna Telesford

Kayla Deleon                        Katherine Parra                        Ashley Thomaz

Antonio Galarza                  Maribel Ramos                               


Parents Club of West Point Eisenhower Leadership Awards goes to an outstanding high school junior who aspires to be a cadet to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Connor Leggett


Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award is awarded to a Junior who demonstrates a fearless spirit and exemplary leadership potential and has an 85+ GPA in a college preparatory program. Ashley Riboul  ~  Eliana Rodriguez



*  *  *  *  *

The following awards are given for outstanding achievement by the NFA Math Department:

Advanced Algebra                                                                           Arly Sanchez

Algebra I                                                                                      Hannah Cestaro

Algebra IA                                                                                Jonathan Banegas

Algebra II CC                                                                              Donovan Kenan

Algebra II CC Honors                                                                Kathryn Tramm

AP Calculus AB                                                                          Brielle Maxwell

                                                                                                  Matthew Stridiron

AP Calculus BC                                                                                 Allison Vela

AP Principles of Computer Science                                   Matthew Stridiron

College Algebra                                                                       Isabel Laracuente

College Trigonometry                                                                 Mariana Lopez

Exploring Computer Science                                                         Charlie Vega

Financial Literacy                                                                          Jonah Cznarty

Geometry CC                                                                                        Tom Baker

Geometry CC Honors                                                           Destiny Woolward

Geometry NR                                                                              Alexis Anderson

Medical Math                                                                          Aaron Almodovar

Modeling in Math                                                                     Anthony Weaver

Pre-Calculus                                                                                      Desiree Diaz

Pre-Calculus Honors                                                                         Adam Amer

                                                                                                            Julius Olitan

                                                      Annie Yang                                                                                                              

Pre-College Algebra                                                                 Taerikko Monroe

                                                                                                         Morgan Stroud

Probability and Statistics                                                          Supriya Makam

Tech Innovation & Integration                                                     Kyle Villano



SCIENCE DEPARTMENT                

*  *  *  *  *

The following awards are given for outstanding achievement by the NFA Science Department:


AP Biology                                                                           Julius Olitan

AP Chemistry                                                                               Riddhi Patel                                

AP Physics 1                                                                         Julius Olitan

APC Physics                                                                                Supriya Makam

AP Environmental Science                                                            Allison Vela         

Astronomy & Meteorology                                               Michael Brown

Regents Physics:                                                                  Shabab Islam

Honors Regents Chemistry                                     Naomi Phemister Jiminez                

Regents Chemistry                                                                       Grace Clayton

General Chemistry                                                                     Donovan Kenan        

Honors Regents Earth Science                                              Isabel Laracuente          

Regents Earth Science                                                        Ryan Thompson            

Environmental Science                                                                   Charlie Vega

Field Biology                                                                    Serena Carrion

Human Anatomy & Physiology                                        Ann Marie Onwuka

Intro to Forensics                                                                        Destiny Dacilas

College Forensic Science                                                           Olivia Delgado                                     

Regents Living Environment                                              Abigail McPhillips

Honors Regents Living Environment                                    Meghan Wurster               

Science Research in the High School                               Stephanie Alvarado                                   

Creative Solutions through Science                                             Will Rosairo



* * * * *

The Newburgh Free Academy Social Studies Department and various community members have made the following awards possible:


A.P. U.S. History and Government                                       Julius Olitan                                                          

A.P. Macro Economics                                                                     Allison Vela

A.P. U.S. Government and Politics                                              Chaya James                                                                                                  

Economics                                                                                    Mikayla Pileggi          

Participation in Government                                               Christopher Malfa

A.P. Psychology                                                                              Deafny Gallo         

Psychology                                                                                     Jazlynn Sotelo

Sociology                                                                  Genesis Gonzalez Miranda

A.P. World History                                                             Najiyah Williamson                                                                                        




* * * * *

The following awards are presented to students in various levels of language   study who have distinguished themselves by a combination of achievement, cooperation and enthusiasm in the course of their study during the school year 2017-2018:


Spanish I                                                                                  Carlos Sialer Pina 

Spanish II                                                                                  Jacob Johnston

Spanish III                                                                      Matthew Gorenstein

Spanish Native Speakers                                            Evelyn Criollo Barros

AP Spanish                                                                                Will Rosario

Conversational Spanish                                                              Jesiah Glenn

Italian I                                                                                        Astry Fuentes

Italian II                                                                                  Matthew Haynes

Italian III                                                                                   Eliana Rodriguez

AP Italian                                                                                          Kai Cuttino                                                                                     


ATTENTION: Are your scholars or colleagues doing something great? Please contact the district Communications Team at communications@necsd.net. We’d love to visit your class or event and/or post your pictures and recap to highlight the amazing accomplishments throughout our district!

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