District Develops School Transformation Office

School Transformation

The School Transformation Office (STO) serves schools designated by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) and Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI). This office, led by the Deputy Superintendent, will provide support to CSI Schools – South Middle School and Vails Gate STEAM Academy and TSI Schools – Balmville Elementary and Gidney Avenue Memorial School.  Supplemental support will also be provided to NYSED identified Level 1 Schools. Schools in Good Standing and Recognition Schools will receive all levels of support through the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. 

The STO will focus on developing the capacity of school leaders and instructional staff to implement protocols, systems and formalized procedures relating to instructional delivery, lesson and unit planning, tiered intervention and supports, and wrap around supports to address SEL needs to each of the CSI and TSI schools within the district. Through a newly designed ‘District Support Formula,’  designated schools, regardless of grade bands, will be provided with the appropriate level of support to increase student achievement and sustain growth beyond one year. This new approach strategically aligns the district’s equity agenda to the specific needs of our schools. At the same time, this supportive approach develops an emphasis on developing sustainable practices within each school to ensure that over a three year period schools can autonomously support and implement high academic standards. This support will be delivered using a tiered approach with a focus on getting each school into ‘good standing.’ 

This office will ensure that schools advance through a tiered process over three years in order to sustain the rate of improvement based on the capacity that has been embedded at the schools. Schools will be divided into tiers based on performance, trend analysis, and capacity. The tiers have been designed to provide a scaled system of support based on need and to release schools gradually from the tutelage of the School Transformation Office as the capacity is built.

STO Staff:

Deputy Superintendent
Ed Forgit

Director of Planning & Accountability
David Brown